What Season Should Your Wedding Be?

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You’ve just got engaged to the love of your life and now comes the next big question: when will the wedding be? Sure, there are lots of things to consider when planning when your wedding will be but the season is an important one. Let’s explore all the pros and cons of weddings in different seasons. 


A pro about having your wedding in the winter is that you can have a cozy feel. A warm fireplace with big windows to see the white snow outside can set the mood. Don’t forget to offer guests some hot chocolate in addition to their champagne!

Another pro about winter weddings is that you could save some money. Wedding vendors are usually not as busy during the winter since it’s not the traditional wedding season. That means vendors could have some deals or lower prices during this time. 

Many winter weddings are indoors but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. It just means you need to be a little more creative. You’ll need heaters, tents in case it snows, and probably an indoor option just in case guests get cold or the weather gets bad. 

The cons of a winter wedding are that you could be competing with winter holidays meaning some family or friends might not be able to make it for your special day. You may want to avoid late December and early January dates. A more ideal Winter date could be in late January or all of February.

Another con for winter is that you might not get as many outdoor pictures as you want on your special day. Cold temperatures could prevent you and your bridal party from staying outside for very long. Also with Daylight Savings, there are only so many hours of daylight before the sunsets. This could also mean it’s too dark outside to get pictures if your wedding is closer to the afternoon.

Finally, the last con with a Winter wedding, depending on where you live you might get a bad snowstorm. Snow emergencies can prevent you and your guests from attending the wedding.


Spring is a good option for your wedding especially if you would like it to be outdoors, everything is blooming and beautiful! It’s also usually warmer so you don’t usually have to worry about being cold while taking your wedding pictures or saying I do. 

Another pro is that spring is a less busy time of the year for your friends and families because of the lack of holidays or vacations planned. this means you’re more likely to have more people available to come to your special day.

The last pro for spring is that the days are longer. This means you have plenty of sunshine to take wedding pictures of, even if your wedding is closer to the late afternoon or evening. 

Moving to the cons of spring weddings. If you have allergies, this may not be the season for you. No one wants to feel sick on their wedding day.

Another con, the price of some of your wedding vendors and venues may go up. Especially in late spring when the typical wedding season begins.

Another con (which is very applicable if you live in the Cincinnati or Tristate area) if you have your wedding in early spring….the weather can be unpredictable depending on where you live. There’s been late March/early April snows in the past and just this week while I’m writing this article we had a hot week in the 60s and 70s and now we’re bout to have a cold week with light snow. You get the picture. You just might not know what you’re getting with early spring.


Summer offers more predictable weather and therefore you don’t usually have to worry about a freak snowstorm. You also get longer summer days and warm summer nights both of which are ideal for weddings and receptions, especially if you plan on having them later in the day. This once again means more sunlight for wedding photos!

Another pro for a summer wedding is that you’ll have more venue options(as long as you book early!!!). The reason you’ll have more options is that some venues are only open for warmer seasons like farms, sunflower fields, and other outdoor venues.

The final pro for summer is the honeymoon options. Your honeymoon options are pretty much unlimited. There are so many places nationally and internationally that you could travel to with summer usually being a great time for the weather. 

And now for the cons of summer. The Heat. if you do not like hot temperatures summer may not be an ideal season for you. Especially if your wedding gown has a lot of heavy materials, you could find yourself overheating a little if it’s outdoors. 

Another con for summer is the affordability. Late summer is the most popular time to host a wedding, and you can bet the prices for wedding vendors and venues are up at this time of the year. 

The last con is some of your guests may be going on summer vacation during the weekend of your wedding. This could mean certain people wouldn’t be able to attend.


A pro for Fall is that there is some natural beauty here just like in the spring. The leaves are changing colors, it’s still usually warm and sunny, and there are still some outdoor venue opportunities in the early fall. 

Another pro for fall is that if you are looking at late fall, the prices for wedding vendors usually drop since the wedding season is over. This could help you save some money which is always a plus!

Finally, fall weddings have the opportunity to have unique fall flavors on the menu. From pumpkin spice-themed desserts to Apple Cider drinks!

The first con of a fall wedding is that if it occurs during the late fall an outdoor wedding might not be possible due to the weather or cold temperatures. This is especially true if you’re planning to have one in the late fall. 

Another con to a fall wedding is that fall can be a busy time of the year in general. There’s back to school for kids, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Not to mention some guests may be strapped for cash this season or lacking vacation time since the summer just passed.

Lastly, inclement weather could cancel your special day. During the late fall, snow can sometimes come out of the blue, especially in the Cincinnati/Tristate area.

Black Girls, Anime, and Photography

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I know, I know….It’s not often that you see these three topics together in a sentence, much less a blog, but that’s what today’s post is all about. 

In case you’re not familiar, anime is an animation style that originates from Japan. They’re sometimes based on manga, the equivalent of an American comic book or graphic novel. Becoming popular in the U.S. in the 1990s, anime left a mark on many American childhoods, especially in the black community. 

While one may usually see more black males talk about anime, there’s a huge black female audience that enjoys it as well….including myself and my model for the photoshoot we’re talking about today.

My friend Lena and I wanted to do a styled shoot that showed Black Women and their love of anime. So we ventured to one of my favorite vintage clothing stores in Cincinnati called Casablanca to see what we could find. This place has every type of clothing from every decade that you can imagine. We soon settled on the idea of Lena cosplaying as Usagi Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon from the Anime Series of the same name. The staff was able to help us find the perfect outfit to bring our vision to life. 

After that Lena did her make-up while I set up my studio. And the rest as they say is history. We created one of my favorite styled shoots that I’ve done so far. I enjoyed this shoot because it felt like it was highlighting a different side of Black women that the world doesn’t usually see. 

Check out the video of me and Lena’s adventure here.

How to Take Self-Portraits in 4 Steps

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Flashback to 2020 (I know you don’t want to but bear with me) I was a senior in college graduating and I wasn’t able to get my Senior portraits done or even leave the house because of quarantine. So, what did I do? I took self-portraits in my backyard and they came out amazing! Now I model for myself all the time!

If you’re just getting into photography one of my biggest pieces of advice is that you are your best model. You can pose yourself however you see fit, free up your schedule for a shoot, and you can choose what you want to wear for the pictures! Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to get into self-portraits or a newbie who also wants to give it a shot I’m here to give you some advice!

Step 1: You’ll need a camera. It can be a real camera like my handy dandy Canon Rebel T6 or it can even be an iPhone. 

Step 2: You’ll want to set the camera up on a tripod. (Different Smartphones have Tripod stands that you can buy off Amazon and use for these purposes.)

Step 3: Angle your camera toward your backdrop and adjust. This might be one of the longer steps. You’ll have to continuously adjust your camera, step in front of your backdrop or wall and take test shots until you’re in focus (Look clear on the camera screen), lit properly (have enough light to be seen clearly), and don’t have too much or too little headspace(Don’t have your head cut off from the photo or too much space above your head). You might be wondering, how can you take pictures while standing in front of the camera away from the button. Simply use the self-timer on your camera or phone and set it for about ten seconds. this gives you time to press the button that takes the photo, step into the right spot, and pose. 

Step 4: Perfect your pic. Once you have a test photo that you like mark the spot you were standing in so you know not to move too much from that area. Now you can set the timer on your camera and continue to strike different poses, and even change outfits for your mini photoshoot! 

And now you have self-portraits that you can say you styled, modeled, and took yourself. If you’re more of a visual learner or want to see how I did my self-portrait pictured below check out my behind-the-scenes video here.

Words Matter



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Words Matter is a short film written, directed, and filmed by myself during my sophomore year of college.

Words Matter is about a couple going through a rough patch in their relationship. Will they find a way to overcome the situation together?

To see the full short film click this link.

Desires In the Woods


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Desires in The Woods is another short film that was made during my sophomore year of College and written by myself my freshmen year of college.

Desires in The Woods is about an eighteen-year-old girl named Gloria that gets lost while “escaping from her past” When it starts to get dark she stumbles upon a house and meets a stranger named Sterling. Sterling welcomes Gloria into his house with open arms but are his intentions all good?

To see the full short film click this link. To see behind the scenes of the short film press this link.

Just Business


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Just business is a short film made during my sophomore year of College. Just Business is about a boy named Steve who is on a date with a girl named Angela. Steve isn’t as interested in Angela as she is in him. On top of this, someone is watching them. Will Steve figure out who’s watching them before it is too late? To find out watch here.