Tips for High School Grad Pics

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Graduating from High School is a huge accomplishment. And what better way to let everyone know and celebrate than with a photoshoot? If you need tips on the type of a senior photoshoot you might want, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Option #1 Sports

If you play any sports during your high school career this might be ideal for you. You can grab your old uniform and pose on a football, soccer, or baseball field. Or if you’re a cheerleader or Basketball player you can grab your pom-poms or basketball and take pictures on the basketball court. There are numerous ways to pose for any sport!

Option #2 Visual/Performing Arts

If you were involved more with visual or performing arts this idea is for you. If you were a member of the band you could grab your instrument and uniform and pose for a picture. If you were in the choir you could stand in front of a backdrop with a prop microphone. If you were in the theatre club you can take pictures on a stage in costume. The opportunities can be as creative as you want them to be.

Option #3 Clubs 

If you were involved with one or more clubs during your time in high school you might want to showcase that in your portraits. For example, if you were involved with the yearbook club you might want a picture with a camera in your hand or if you were involved with the Robotics club then you might want to take a picture with one of your projects or even with a trophy you won if you all competed competitively. 

Option #4 College Major

If you know exactly what you want to major in and want to tell the world then this might be a good option for you. For example, if you want to go to school for construction work, you might want to dress up with a hard hat and have blueprint props to show off what field you want to go into. Or if you want to study chemistry you might want to grab a white lab coat and some beaker glasses and pose in a fake science lab. You just have to get creative with this idea.

Option #5 Outdoor Candid

This idea is traditional and timeless. You’ll pose in some of your favorite outfits at different locations such as your high school, a park, a popular city landmark, a beach, or even a lake. This offers you pictures you can use both as your senior pictures or just as nice Instagram pictures months after you graduate.

Option #6 Indoor Studio Candid

This idea is also traditional but a good option if you want backdrops and pre-made sets instead of going outside and finding different places to take pictures at. You can talk to your photographer about ideas you have for set-ups or ideas they might have. 

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