5 Reasons You Need Photos Of You Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day

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If you’re planning your wedding day soon you might be overwhelmed with figuring out what all you need for your special day. That’s why I’m here to help you figure out the photography aspect of your day. Wedding photographers can be very helpful to capture your wedding ceremony and your reception, but have you thought about having your photographer capture you and your spouse getting ready for the ceremony as well? In today’s blog, I’ll give you 5 reasons you need photos of you getting ready on your wedding day.

The Photos Will Show A Transformation- If you get photos of yourself and your significant other getting ready you’ll be able to see your transformation of getting make-up put on, getting your hair down, and getting changed into your clothes and accessories. It’ll be fun to be able to see before and after photos well. 

The Photos Will Be More Memories To Look Back On- Capturing these small moments can be beneficial when you want to look back and remember the full day and not just the ceremony and reception. You’ll be able to look through a photo album and remember the feeling of getting changed into your outfit and having fun with your wedding party and family as you got dressed. These photos will also be a good idea when your family members or possible future children want to look back and see photos of the day especially if they couldn’t be there. 

You’ll Get To See What Your Spouse Was Up To- Usually, the two people getting ready for the wedding do so separately. If you capture pictures of both of the parties getting ready you’ll be able to look back and see what your significant other was up to. You’ll see intimate moments of them getting ready and spending time with their friends and family members, moments that you normally wouldn’t get to see. 

You’ll Capture Intimate Moments With Family and Friends- During the wedding ceremony and a lot of the reception, the photographer may be focused more so on the couple getting married and not always on their interaction with other people since the couple is more likely to be together for most of the ceremony and reception. Photos, where you are getting ready with your bridesmaids or groomsmen and your family members, can be your chance to get intimate photos with those people on your special day. Whether you’re sipping wine in the room with your bridesmaid to calm down your nerves or telling funny stories with your groomsmen to remember all that you’ve been through together. These moments are worth being captured. 

Capture First Look With Family- If you don’t know what a first look is, then I’ll explain it here. A first look is when either family members or your partner that you are getting married get their first look at you all dressed up before the wedding ceremony. Some people choose to do first looks with their partners and others opt out of it. Whether or not you decide to do one with your partner is up to you but that doesn’t mean you can’t do one with your family during your getting-ready photos. This will be a good chance for your parents or grandparents to see you before the wedding. you’ll be able to get their authentic reactions as well up close. 

I hope this list is helpful with you planning at least one aspect of your future wedding. Let me know in the comments if you had a photographer capture you and your wedding party getting ready for your wedding ceremony. 

In Studio or At Home Newborn Photoshoot

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So you just had a newborn baby and you want to get pictures of them taken. The only problem is you just had a baby, you’re a new parent and you’re exhausted. This also could be your first child or your first time getting newborn pictures and you have no idea how to go about finding the right photo shoot location or theme. So what do you do? That’s where I come in. I’m going to explain if an in-studio or at-home newborn photoshoot is the best option for you. 

I want to start by saying that there is no right or wrong answer when deciding if you want a studio or home session. It’s honestly a matter of preference. For example, if you want to show off that new nursery that you decorated for your baby then you might prefer the at-home option. But, if your house isn’t photoshoot ready because you’re busy adjusting to the new parent lifestyle that’s okay too and you might prefer the in-studio option. Both options will look beautiful no matter what. 

In Studio- these types of photoshoots will allow your photographer to have a more controlled environment for the photoshoot. They will have all the props and equipment they need right in their studio. The photos taken in this type of environment will usually look more staged or posed. If you have a smaller home or apartment you may want to consider this option. If you have a specific theme or multiple styled themes you want to capture then this might be your ideal location as well. That way the photographer can change the backdrops and have all the props they will need handy. 

At Home- these types of photoshoots will allow your family to have a more relaxed photo shoot. It’ll be more candid instead of posed and styled. The photographer will come to your house with the equipment that they need to capture lifestyle newborn photos for you. This is n especially good option if you aren’t comfortable bringing your baby out in public yet, or if it’s the cold winter season. If you have other kids on the younger side who you want to be involved in the photo shoot, you may want to once again take the pictures at home so that they are in a more familiar and comfortable environment. It’s also easier to dismiss them and let them play in their room afterward instead of having to keep them entertained in a studio. 

I hope this article was helpful to you in deciding if you wanted an in-studio or at-home newborn photoshoot! If you’ve done a newborn photoshoot before let me know in the comments which option you decided to go with. I’ll see you all next week! 

5 Signs It’s Time For New Headshots

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You may be wondering how often you should get your headshots taken or if it’s even necessary. That’s why this week we are discussing 5 signs it’s time for new headshots. Hopefully, this list will give you a better idea of when to update your headshots or to get them taken for the first time. 

You Don’t Have A Headshot- If you don’t already have a headshot, it’s time to get one. Headshots can be useful in many different situations. The first use can be for your professional social media accounts such as LinkedIn. If an employer wants to learn your work background they may take a look at your LinkedIn account. You don’t want a selfie as the picture your possible future employer may see. Depending on the type of job industry you’re in, you may need headshots when you submit your resume, this could include actors, models, or even book authors. 

You Have A New Job- If you’re switching your career focus or starting a new job position then it’s time to take some more headshots! Just like starting a new job or career path is a fresh new start, your headshots should also be a fresh new start. They should mirror what your new job or career path is going to be. This might mean if you’re switching your job from the corporate world to something more creative, you might want to do the same with your headshot. 

You’ve Started A New Business- If you’re a new entrepreneur or just starting another business, then it’s time to take some branding headshots. Branding headshots will allow you to show off your new business and set the tone of the company. These images can be used on your website, portfolio, and social media pages. 

You Don’t Like Your Current Headshot- If your current headshot isn’t what you expected or it’s not the most satisfying photo of yourself then it’s time for a new headshot. If you have to post the photo or show it to future potential employers you might as well like the photos. 

Your Style, Appearance, or Fashion Trends Have Changed- If you’ve changed your style, gotten a new hairdo, or the fashion style has changed over the years, then it’s once again time to update your headshot. You want to make sure that you’re still recognizable in your headshots. You also want to make sure that the fashion style you have in your photos holds up so people can’t tell how old they are. People might judge if you have on colorful skinny jeans or silly bands in your last headshot. 

I hope this list helps you decide if it’s time to update your headshot. I’ll see you all next week!

Life Events That Require A Photographer

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There are a lot of events in life that can be fun or exciting time. During these times you may want to consider inviting a photographer to capture the moment for you. Some events you may not even think of, which is why I made a list of life events that require a photographer. 

Engagements- Getting engaged is an exciting time in one’s life. It’s also one that should be professionally documented with photos. Whether you want to hire a photographer to take pictures of your spouse as you surprise them and propose or you’ve already proposed and just want to stage some photos for invitations and memories, a photographer can help you get the perfect pictures to remember this special occasion. 

Weddings- This is another big event in your life that you’re gonna want to document and look back at over the years. A professional photographer can capture both planned and candid moments of your day. They can make sure they get pictures of not just you and your spouse but your family members and the decorations as well!

Maternity- Having a baby, especially your first one can be an exciting and new experience for both you and your partner. This is another occasion that should be documented not just for you and your spouse but for your future child as well to look back on. A photographer can help you come up with themes and locations for this type of shoot. This will also be a good time to help the pregnant person feel special and pampered. 

Baby Showers- This event is another one that you’re going to want to capture once again not just for you and your partner but for your future child as well. This is a great time to capture family members as well who you maybe don’t get to see as often as you would like. 

Newborn Babies- New additions to families are another great time to get pictures taken. Newborn photos will be the first professional images you get of your bundle of joy and can share with the whole family. These pictures are especially important if you want to start a photo album for your child or family or use some of the images in their baby books. 

Significant Birthdays- These photoshoots are super fun for everyone to look back on over the years to see how you or your child have grown over the years. It’s also a great way to celebrate another year of life. Some birthdays people like to highlight include one year, ten years, sixteen years, eighteen years, twenty-one years, twenty-five years, thirty years, forty years, and fifty years. 

Senior Portraits/Graduation- These are important pictures to highlight yourself or your child when you graduate from high school or college. These pictures are a great way to celebrate graduating and starting the next chapter in your life. These pictures can also be useful for graduation invitations.

Prom- When your child goes to prom they are going to want some photos to remember the day and to show off to their friends and family members. These pictures can be great memories for them to look back on especially since some of their friends who they may take pictures with that day may be moving away for college soon. 

New Holiday Portraits- During the winter holidays, it’s a great time to take some family photos. These can be used for holiday greeting cards or just as a way to update your current family portrait. 

New Family Portraits- Family portraits are important so that you can have photos in your home and photos of everyone together at one time. It only gets harder to get family photos with everyone together s everyone gets older with busier schedules. If you welcome a new addition to the family or it’s been a while since your last family photo that means it’s time for a new family portrait. 

New Business Ventures- If you’re entering the workforce, starting a business, or haven’t updated your headshot in a while that means it’s time to get some new headshots. Headshots are essential when reaching certain work milestones. They can help give your client or job a good first impression of your personality. 

I hope this list was helpful to you and I’ll see you all next week!