Photographer and Model Meet Up #2

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We’re back again this week to discuss the second photographer and model meet-up. This meet-up was super fun because it was very intimate and let me tap into my creative side some more. It had been a while since I got to do a creative photoshoot and not just one that required me to bring my client’s vision to life that they already had planned. So this was super exciting.

The theme for this photoshoot meet-up was Green and mythical. We had great props to use from a thrift store such as bubble blowers, mirror props, books, and more. The models were so awesome to work with as well. They were super creative with their looks and their poses. This photoshoot took place in a park that happened to have a waterfall that was shallow and easy for the models to walk in, so it was super fun to get to take photos over there as well. Take a look at the photos from the shoot below.

Photographer and Model Meet Up #1

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This week we’re going to discuss a photographer meet-up I went to recently. If you’re a new or inspiring photographer or model then a model/photographer meet-up can be a very good idea to gain more experience. the beauty of a photographer/model meet-up is that you can practice and make mistakes without the added pressure of having to be perfect. this is for fun and experience!

This particular meet-up was in the Columbus area and was super fun. I met so many awesome models and fellow photographers that I got to network with. One of the photographers and I even got to do another meet-up with some of the same models a couple of weeks later! I’ll show you all that photoshoot next week!

3 Reasons You Need A Branding Photography Session

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Branding photography can be very important if you’re starting a new business or want to refresh your brand for a current business. If you’re not well-versed in the importance of this then you’ve come to the right place. This week I’ll be giving you 3 reasons you need a branding photography session. 

Let’s start by talking about what exactly branding photography is. Branding photography is done to showcase the identity and personality of your brand. This photograph should show a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of your business and who you are as a person. It should also help showcase what your business does. Does your business specialize in baking? Carpentry? Photography? Your branding photos should show that. 

So when do you need to do branding photography sessions? I’m glad you asked. You need branding photography if you’re launching a business or website, you’re rebranding your business or website, you’re refreshing your current brand or website, or you’ve never done any branding for your business to begin with. With all of this new knowledge in mind let’s get to some more reasons why you need branding photography. 

First Impressions Are Everything- When a potential client comes to your website or social media page what will they see? Pictures taken from a phone with low resolution, or high-quality photos taken by a professional photographer. Will they see a basic photo taken in your office space, or carefully crafted posed images with a beautiful background? The choice is yours but think about how the clients will respond. The first option may not look professional to them on first impressions while the second may make them feel more at ease. Remember with clients, first impressions are everything. This is why you’ll want branding photos to showcase who you are on both your website and social media pages. 

Personality Can Connect You With Clients- Depending on your business, you can show some personality with the branding photos that will give your potential customers an idea of your values and personality. If you’re a baker and you think you’re a sweet person, you might want branding photos where you’re smiling with cookies in your hand and a soft backdrop. People who like sweets and are looking for a nice, non-intimidating baker to speak to about their dessert needs will naturally connect with the photos that they see and want to use your business. This is another reason why branding is important. You want people to connect with your personality through the branding photos that they see of you. 

Content Can Be Repurposed- You may think that it sucks you only get to use the photos for your website, but I’m here to tell you that branding photos can be repurposed for a lot of different useful content. You can use them on social media to talk about your brand or yourself, you can use them on your LinkedIn page so that you have a professional headshot or header picture for your business or brand, you can use them on other websites as well that require a headshot or background. if you’re a content creator including Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram you can use those photos on your profiles as well. The number of ways you can use branding photos is infinite and just shows you another reason why they are important. 

I hope this article was helpful and convinced you to have some branding photography done for your business or brand. Trust me, it’s worth the investment. let me know in the comments if you’ve ever done a branding photography session for your brand or business. I’ll see you all next week. 

5 Tips For Taking Great Vacation Photos

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If you’re going on vacation soon then you might want to check out this blog. We’re talking about how to take great photos on vacation to capture those memories forever. So, here are 5 tips for taking great vacation photos. 

1. Lighting is Everything- Make sure whenever you’re taking a photo, you have good lighting. You don’t want the sun on your subject’s faces because then they’ll be all squinty, and you don’t want the sun directly behind them because then they might look too dark and you won’t be able to see the subject’s face. You want to angle them so that the sun isn’t in their face but also isn’t behind them. This will create a great photo. I also suggest shooting during sunset or sunrise. You can get some great shots of the sky behind your subject during this time. Or if you like to take pictures of the landscape you can get some great pictures at sunrise or sunset.

2. Get Some Action Shots– When shooting pictures on vacation you might want to get some action shots. An action shot is when you capture your subject doing something while moving. So instead of it being posed, it’s more of a candid shot. Examples of this are maybe taking a picture of your kids playing with their toys together, or some of your spouse reading on a balcony. If you shoot landscape photos you still can get action shots of a subject. For example, you may be on a beach and see a big wave coming your way, this would be an action shot you may want to get. Or you may see a waterfall, this would be another action shot that you’ll want to capture. 

3. Always Have Your Camera– Be sure to always have your camera on you while you’re on vacation. Even if you don’t want to bring a real camera or a real camera isn’t allowed in your travel location, you always have your phone to help you capture those special moments. 

4. The Rule Of Thirds– This is an important photography rule even for professionals. The rule of thirds goes like this: if you were to put a tic tac toe board on your image, the subject of your image should be on that far left or far right third. This can help you capture amazing photos and this tactic is used by professionals everywhere. 

5. Overshoot– My last tip to you is to overshoot when you’re on vacation. Take the extra couple of photos to make sure you get that money shot. I’d always rather have too many great photos than not have enough good ones at all. 

I hope this helps! Be sure to comment on what places you want to visit on your next vacation in the comment section below.