Photographer and Model Meet Up #2

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We’re back again this week to discuss the second photographer and model meet-up. This meet-up was super fun because it was very intimate and let me tap into my creative side some more. It had been a while since I got to do a creative photoshoot and not just one that required me to bring my client’s vision to life that they already had planned. So this was super exciting.

The theme for this photoshoot meet-up was Green and mythical. We had great props to use from a thrift store such as bubble blowers, mirror props, books, and more. The models were so awesome to work with as well. They were super creative with their looks and their poses. This photoshoot took place in a park that happened to have a waterfall that was shallow and easy for the models to walk in, so it was super fun to get to take photos over there as well. Take a look at the photos from the shoot below.

Photographer and Model Meet Up #1

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This week we’re going to discuss a photographer meet-up I went to recently. If you’re a new or inspiring photographer or model then a model/photographer meet-up can be a very good idea to gain more experience. the beauty of a photographer/model meet-up is that you can practice and make mistakes without the added pressure of having to be perfect. this is for fun and experience!

This particular meet-up was in the Columbus area and was super fun. I met so many awesome models and fellow photographers that I got to network with. One of the photographers and I even got to do another meet-up with some of the same models a couple of weeks later! I’ll show you all that photoshoot next week!