A pair of siblings are left to fend for themselves after their mother is sent to prison and their father abandons them. TRIGGER WARNING: This story explores sexual abuse in the black community. The film can be found here.

Words Matter


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Words Matter is a short film written, directed, and filmed by myself during my sophomore year of college.

Words Matter is about a couple going through a rough patch in their relationship. Will they find a way to overcome the situation together?

To see the full short film click this link.

Desires In the Woods

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Desires in The Woods is another short film that was made during my sophomore year of College and written by myself my freshmen year of college.

Desires in The Woods is about an eighteen-year-old girl named Gloria that gets lost while “escaping from her past” When it starts to get dark she stumbles upon a house and meets a stranger named Sterling. Sterling welcomes Gloria into his house with open arms but are his intentions all good?

To see the full short film click this link. To see behind the scenes of the short film press this link.

Just Business

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Just business is a short film made during my sophomore year of College. Just Business is about a boy named Steve who is on a date with a girl named Angela. Steve isn’t as interested in Angela as she is in him. On top of this, someone is watching them. Will Steve figure out who’s watching them before it is too late? To find out watch here.


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Skin is a school project created during my freshmen year of College. Skin discusses how a biracial teenager feels as if she doesn’t belong to either group that surrounds her at school, because of this she spends most of her time alone. Check out Skin at this link.