Done In The Dark Behind The Scenes and Bloopers

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I am proud to announce that my web series Done In The Dark has been selected in my first-ever Film Festival! In celebration, I wanted to finally write a blog post on the behind-the-scenes and blooper video for the Done In The Dark web series that I released a little while ago.

Done In The Dark was such a fun series to shoot. I met so many incredible actors and actresses who I would love to work with again. I also was able to see a script that I had written many years ago finally come to life in a better way than I ever pictured. Done In The Dark was a special project for me because it was the first ever web series that I wrote, the first web series that I ever directed, and the first web series that I produced. To be able to do all of that in three short weekends and be selected for this film festival means the world to me.

If you haven’t checked out the web series yet you can check it out by clicking this link. If you’re ready to watch the behind the scenes and bloopers for the web series you can check it out here.

Done In The Dark Web Series

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Recently I released a trailer for my new web series: Done In The Dark. This week I released the second trailer for the web series. We will be releasing the series starting on Friday of this week. In case you missed the first trailer you can watch it here. To see the second trailer you can click here.

The series follows a group of college friends who are dealing with different relationship issues. One of the main characters is cheating on his girlfriend, with his best friend’s girlfriend and quite a few people know about it and aren’t sure if they should tell or stay out of it. Along the way, other romances begin to blossom but will the friend group and romances be torn apart by this devastating secret?

Be sure to find out by watching this series starting Friday, October 7th at 7 pm on Youtube. The first two episodes will air and then one episode will drop each Friday at 7 pm weekly.