Done In The Dark Web Series

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Recently I released a trailer for my new web series: Done In The Dark. This week I released the second trailer for the web series. We will be releasing the series starting on Friday of this week. In case you missed the first trailer you can watch it here. To see the second trailer you can click here.

The series follows a group of college friends who are dealing with different relationship issues. One of the main characters is cheating on his girlfriend, with his best friend’s girlfriend and quite a few people know about it and aren’t sure if they should tell or stay out of it. Along the way, other romances begin to blossom but will the friend group and romances be torn apart by this devastating secret?

Be sure to find out by watching this series starting Friday, October 7th at 7 pm on Youtube. The first two episodes will air and then one episode will drop each Friday at 7 pm weekly.

Graduation Season

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Graduation Season. It’s one of my favorite photography seasons of the year and one of my favorite things to photograph. It was actually how I started doing photography professionally. What I enjoy must about these sessions is getting to congratulate and help create celebratory images for each of the graduates I encounter.

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing one of my best friends for her graduation this year! She’s a very special and hard-working grad. School wasn’t always a piece of cake for her, but she sure did make it look that way! I know she’ll go far and that this is only the beginning for her.

To all of the graduates this year, congratulations and welcome to adulthood!