5 Signs It’s Time For New Headshots

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You may be wondering how often you should get your headshots taken or if it’s even necessary. That’s why this week we are discussing 5 signs it’s time for new headshots. Hopefully, this list will give you a better idea of when to update your headshots or to get them taken for the first time. 

You Don’t Have A Headshot- If you don’t already have a headshot, it’s time to get one. Headshots can be useful in many different situations. The first use can be for your professional social media accounts such as LinkedIn. If an employer wants to learn your work background they may take a look at your LinkedIn account. You don’t want a selfie as the picture your possible future employer may see. Depending on the type of job industry you’re in, you may need headshots when you submit your resume, this could include actors, models, or even book authors. 

You Have A New Job- If you’re switching your career focus or starting a new job position then it’s time to take some more headshots! Just like starting a new job or career path is a fresh new start, your headshots should also be a fresh new start. They should mirror what your new job or career path is going to be. This might mean if you’re switching your job from the corporate world to something more creative, you might want to do the same with your headshot. 

You’ve Started A New Business- If you’re a new entrepreneur or just starting another business, then it’s time to take some branding headshots. Branding headshots will allow you to show off your new business and set the tone of the company. These images can be used on your website, portfolio, and social media pages. 

You Don’t Like Your Current Headshot- If your current headshot isn’t what you expected or it’s not the most satisfying photo of yourself then it’s time for a new headshot. If you have to post the photo or show it to future potential employers you might as well like the photos. 

Your Style, Appearance, or Fashion Trends Have Changed- If you’ve changed your style, gotten a new hairdo, or the fashion style has changed over the years, then it’s once again time to update your headshot. You want to make sure that you’re still recognizable in your headshots. You also want to make sure that the fashion style you have in your photos holds up so people can’t tell how old they are. People might judge if you have on colorful skinny jeans or silly bands in your last headshot. 

I hope this list helps you decide if it’s time to update your headshot. I’ll see you all next week!