5 Tips For Taking Great Vacation Photos

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If you’re going on vacation soon then you might want to check out this blog. We’re talking about how to take great photos on vacation to capture those memories forever. So, here are 5 tips for taking great vacation photos. 

1. Lighting is Everything- Make sure whenever you’re taking a photo, you have good lighting. You don’t want the sun on your subject’s faces because then they’ll be all squinty, and you don’t want the sun directly behind them because then they might look too dark and you won’t be able to see the subject’s face. You want to angle them so that the sun isn’t in their face but also isn’t behind them. This will create a great photo. I also suggest shooting during sunset or sunrise. You can get some great shots of the sky behind your subject during this time. Or if you like to take pictures of the landscape you can get some great pictures at sunrise or sunset.

2. Get Some Action Shots– When shooting pictures on vacation you might want to get some action shots. An action shot is when you capture your subject doing something while moving. So instead of it being posed, it’s more of a candid shot. Examples of this are maybe taking a picture of your kids playing with their toys together, or some of your spouse reading on a balcony. If you shoot landscape photos you still can get action shots of a subject. For example, you may be on a beach and see a big wave coming your way, this would be an action shot you may want to get. Or you may see a waterfall, this would be another action shot that you’ll want to capture. 

3. Always Have Your Camera– Be sure to always have your camera on you while you’re on vacation. Even if you don’t want to bring a real camera or a real camera isn’t allowed in your travel location, you always have your phone to help you capture those special moments. 

4. The Rule Of Thirds– This is an important photography rule even for professionals. The rule of thirds goes like this: if you were to put a tic tac toe board on your image, the subject of your image should be on that far left or far right third. This can help you capture amazing photos and this tactic is used by professionals everywhere. 

5. Overshoot– My last tip to you is to overshoot when you’re on vacation. Take the extra couple of photos to make sure you get that money shot. I’d always rather have too many great photos than not have enough good ones at all. 

I hope this helps! Be sure to comment on what places you want to visit on your next vacation in the comment section below.